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Launch of One-Street Community Study Project to mark Centenary of 1914-1918 War - Appeal for Help


Do you have ancestors  who lived in Weston Road Acton/Chiswick at the time of the outbreak of the 1914-18 War?


We are currently researching a project looking at the community living in Weston Road on the border of Acton/Chiswick. The world inhabited by the families and households living in Weston Road, was about to change dramatically. The resident policemen, railway workers, laundry workers, bakers, and shop assistants going about their daily lives might find themselves summoned to enlist. They may have been caught up in the patriotic atmosphere of the time and volunteered ahead of conscription.


What happened to them? Did they serve in the armed forces? What happened to the businesses where they had been employed? What happened to the families they left behind? Did they survive?


The 1914 editions of the Chiswick Gazette are dominated by stories of brave lads joining up; by the dastardly deeds of foreign spies; and by local army recruitment campaigns. (And as always the cricket scores.)


Do you have any family connections with Weston Road?  We would really like to hear from anyone who can tell us more about the families living there at this time. We'll quite happily share the final report with you in return.