Professional help with researching your Family History

Our Code of Business Practice


Our research services and Code of Business Practice have been developed in sympathy with the Codes of Practice of the Association of Genealogical Research (AGRA)


We promise to undertake projects following these principles:


  • Any research commissioned will be undertaken in an honest and discreet manner, respecting the rights of the client to confidentiality
  • Results of the work commissioned will be presented in a clear and considered format, with transparent referencing. Wherever possible we will aim to use original sources in our research
  • We will always aim to clearly explain any costs involved and payment structures
  • We will underwrite our work with an official agreement/contract
  • We will never knowingly duplicate research which already exists
  • We will advise you as to any possible or probable outcomes, and where further avenues of research may reveal further information. Equally we will be completely open if a solution cannot be found, and advise other options 

In short we will always aim to provide you with clear, considered reports, presented in a professional manner, to time and to budget 



What we cannot do ...

Geographically, we regret that we are unable to offer to undertake research for families with Scottish or Irish roots.


The starting place for all our work is a Census, and only the 1901 and 1911 Ireland Census records have survived to the present day. Although there are many Irish records available online, these are not in their original format. We believe that primary sources should always be used when undertaking research on behalf of clients.  


Scottish information is widely available online, but is expensive to access. Scotland also has its own national archives and libraries. Gathering information for registers in Scotland has been organised separately from English and Welsh ones. As we are based in London, expenses for Scottish research would be prohibitively expensive. We can however recommend local researchers.


Ethically we believe that we should not agree to undertake the following types of research:


  • We cannot trace living relatives
  • We cannot trace adopted relatives 

In the unlikely event of a potential personal or financial interest occuring in a project, this would be declared



Gill Thomas

B.A History University College Cardiff

Postgraduate Certificate in Genealogical, Heraldic and Palaeographical Studies, University of Strathclyde (PGCert)


AGRA Member  

Member of the Society of Genealogists, London 



Member of Cardiganshire Family History Society; Dyfed Family History Society; Powys Family History Society and Society of Welsh Family History in London.