Commemorating the 1914-18 War: a one-street study

Weston Road, Acton Green, Chiswick, London

Have you ever wondered about the street in which you live?

Who lived there before?

What were their lives like?


Weston Road is in the Acton Green area of modern-day Chiswick. It was one of the last streets to be built in the area, bordered by North London railway line, and Bollo Lane. It is an everyday street of terraced houses built between 1906-11, and must have been very crowded, as each one contained two households.


Who were these people? Where did they come from? Where did they work? How was the Great War to affect their lives?


Policemen, Bakers, Laundry workers, Mechanics, Shop workers and men (and some women,) from a huge variety of occupations flocked to helped the war effort. Some like Charles William Offord were never to return. They served in the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Flying Corps/Air Force as well as working in munitions and aircraft factories.


If you have any connections with the area do get in touch with your stories. We are hoping that any contributions will be included in a forthcoming study to be published soon.