How Our Services Work

Our aim is to offer a personal service to our clients, understanding their needs and objectives. To us you are so much more than just an e-mail address.

You can commission research either by setting a budget or by the hour. We not only undertake research in family histories, but also for authors. We have worked with several military historians and also in the field of food history.


Step 1: We will ask you some questions about yourself and your family, and together agree the aims of the project. We will probably ask you for some more information. This can be done in person (if you are local to us,) or by telephone or by e-mail or letter


Step 2: You send us a written brief (or we summarise your thoughts in writing if you prefer.) Both parties can then be clear as to what has been agreed


Step 3: We will confirm the cost of the research. (Very straightforward if it is one of our packages.)


Step 4: We will send you a pro forma invoice and contract 


Step 5: On receipt of payment and the signed contract we will confirm a report delivery deadline. We can also arrange to have the chart element specially printed if required for an agreed extra cost


Step 6: You receive your report and chart


Step 7: You'll probably want to find out more. That's what's so fascinating about Genealogy and Family History. We expect to have an ongoing relationship with our clients. As new information is made public all the time, we will continue to have your project in mind and let you know of any developments. We just can't bring ourselves to say farewell